Current Research

University Research Teams Update

In fact, the lake is changing so rapidly that the University of Western Ontario researchers are driving here every day of the week to get daily water samples.  They have been so intrigued by what they are seeing and what they are finding that they have persuaded Dr. Frances Pick, University of Ottawa Professor, Chair, and founder of the Center for Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics to undertake core sample research here at Sunfish Lake.

It is hoped that Dr. Pick’s research will be able to tell us about the lake environment and composition in earlier years and being one of the foremost water researchers in Canada it is great to have her insights here.

The UWO team is also hoping to launch their floating sample raft at Sunfish Lake within the next week.

Drone Research

Our aerial researchers doing the hyperspectrum analysis of the lake flew their first flight over the lake this past week and hope to be out again later this week doing more mapping and analysis.