Fishing Season

A reminder that fishing season – in particular for bass doesn’t open until June 22nd.  Currently the bass are nesting around the lake and fishing can pull the parent fish off their nests allowing other fish to swoop in and eat all the eggs.  Normally by the end of June the eggs have hatched and left the nest.  If you see any bass nesting or hanging around a spot cleared of seaweed please do not disturb it.

Fishing season officially begins Saturday, June 22nd this year.  Everyone is reminded that all fishing is catch and release.  No live bait (minnows, frogs, etc.) is to be used to avoid introducing invasive species into the lake.  Barbless hooks are required to limit the damage to our fish and if anyone needs advice, instructions, lessons or free approved tackle courtesy of the Lake Association they should contact Dave Carlisle-Weaver who is happy to help out.

We have had fishing issues already this year and in years past.  Hopefully everyone can comply since we would like careful management of our fishery as it is already under stress and we need to ensure that it thrives.