AirBnB and Rentals

There have been a lot of concerns raised regarding AirBnb and short-term rentals at Sunfish Lake.  At the AGM it was decided that Ron Vanderkaden would form a Committee to develop guidelines and best practices for renters as well as find ways to address the concerns being raised.  Please let Ron know if you are interested in helping on this Committee.

Water Quality

Our Water Committee reports that our Lake continues to test well with the most recent testing this week showing high levels of good green algae and low levels of bad blue-green algae.  We hope that our lake will continue to test better than Lake Erie and other places that are experience significant algae and cyanobacteria outbreaks this year.  Please remember to limit all nutrients and to practice good stewardship.

Purple Loosestrife

It seems to be a banner year for the invasive Purple Loosestrife.  We have done a good job of controlling it around the lake over the years (including working with the University of Guelph on a beetle control program years ago) however everyone should try to cut off the purple flowers before they go to see in the days ahead.  A large work party of volunteers recently tackled the Sunfish Holdings wetlands and we urge everyone to check along their shoreline and property to control all that they can find.