We have found our first significant signs of cyanobacteria at Sunfish Lake this year.  I have attached some photos below where you can clearly see the bad blue algae that produces the toxins surrounded by all the good green algae.

Our Abraxis kit tests are showing no signs of toxins (even in the parts per billion) however we urge people to be cautious around the lake – particularly those with dogs who might get into algae mats like these.

We hope that things will clear in the coming days and we will keep you posted if things worsen.  We know that we have all the right conditions and overabundance of nutrients to have full blown algae outbreaks with large oily slicks and outrageous amounts of algae like many other lakes such as Lake Erie have been grappling with in recent weeks.  Hopefully, we will avoid a large outbreak and we can continue to seek the necessary solutions.

Please let any member of the Water Committee or Executive know any questions