Sunfish Weather Station

One of the University of Waterloo Ph’d students who is doing her research here at Sunfish Lake and assisting with our learning about our lake ecosystems would like to place a small weather station on the lake to help better record the date she needs on water and air temperatures, effect of winds, etc.  Since […]

Fishing Season

A reminder that fishing season – in particular for bass doesn’t open until June 22nd.  Currently the bass are nesting around the lake and fishing can pull the parent fish off their nests allowing other fish to swoop in and eat all the eggs.  Normally by the end of June the eggs have hatched and […]

AGM Reminder

A reminder that our Annual General Meeting is coming up on Thursday, June 27th at 7:00pm at the Strucke cottage (the former Weber/Wekerle cottage).  We will have presentations from the Wilmot Fire Chief and some of our water expert researchers in addition to our usual financial update and social activities.  A detailed agenda will be […]

Lake Water Monitoring

Our water committee has continued to meet and work actively on developing a better understanding of the lake basin and for the safety of everyone will be undertaking both a water quality monitoring program and research program again this summer.  We also have several teams of students from area universities doing research to help us […]

Tree Planting

Geese Challenges

Now that the ice is off the lake it is that time of year where geese are looking to nest.  As in previous years we need to do everything possible to keep the geese from overrunning our lake like they do with other nearby waterbodies like Columbia Lake or Silver Lake.  With the water quality […]

Sunfish Lake Water Update

one of several teams of researchers we currently have here at Sunfish Lake has just released an excellent video of the work that they have been doing with drones (and in the future satellites) at our lake.  Check out Dr. Claude Duguay’s video here. Some of our water researchers have also created an online website […]

Other Water Research

In addition to our water monitoring and water/tributary research teams we have had several other groups doing research on Sunfish Lake this summer.