Water Monitoring and Phosphorus Research Teams

Our lake association volunteers including Nancy Carlisle, Rob Hutchison, and Bob Hudgins continue to invest many hours doing bi-weekly testing with our cyanobacteria monitoring and phosphorus research teams.  We hope to start to post detailed information and data from their work to the website soon.

Current Research

University Research Teams Update In fact, the lake is changing so rapidly that the University of Western Ontario researchers are driving here every day of the week to get daily water samples.  They have been so intrigued by what they are seeing and what they are finding that they have persuaded Dr. Frances Pick, University […]

Algae 101 Education and Fun Event

Sunday July 23rd 1PM Jill Crumb from Treefrog Environmental is going to be hosting an Algae 101 education session on Kevin’s dock/lawn.  It should be an interesting, informative, and at times hands-on session to learn more about our lake and algae first-hand. There is a youth component so please bring any kids you think might […]