Fishing Season

A reminder that fishing season – in particular for bass doesn’t open until June 22nd.  Currently the bass are nesting around the lake and fishing can pull the parent fish off their nests allowing other fish to swoop in and eat all the eggs.  Normally by the end of June the eggs have hatched and left the nest.  If you see any bass nesting or hanging around a spot cleared of seaweed please do not disturb it.

Fishing season officially begins Saturday, June 22nd this year.  Everyone is reminded that all fishing is catch and release.  No live bait (minnows, frogs, etc.) is to be used to avoid introducing invasive species into the lake.  Barbless hooks are required to limit the damage to our fish and if anyone needs advice, instructions, lessons or free approved tackle courtesy of the Lake Association they should contact Dave Carlisle-Weaver who is happy to help out.

We have had fishing issues already this year and in years past.  Hopefully everyone can comply since we would like careful management of our fishery as it is already under stress and we need to ensure that it thrives.

AGM Reminder

A reminder that our Annual General Meeting is coming up on Thursday, June 27th at 7:00pm at the Strucke cottage (the former Weber/Wekerle cottage).  We will have presentations from the Wilmot Fire Chief and some of our water expert researchers in addition to our usual financial update and social activities.  A detailed agenda will be circulated closer to the date.

Tree Planting

Geese Challenges

Now that the ice is off the lake it is that time of year where geese are looking to nest.  As in previous years we need to do everything possible to keep the geese from overrunning our lake like they do with other nearby waterbodies like Columbia Lake or Silver Lake.  With the water quality issues we have already been facing, the increased e-coli and fecal coliform counts from a large number of geese on the lake could quite likely render the lake unfit for swimming or recreational use this summer, not to mention the impacts for those who draw tap water from the lake.

There are also a couple of very persistent Mallard ducks that have been trying to nest on the lake which could also contribute significantly to poor water quality and parasites that cause ear infections – particularly in children if they are successful at nesting and hatching their young ducks here.

We encourage you to try to scare the geese and ducks and be threatening anytime that you see them.  The Lake Association has several remote control boats and there is a spare boat available if you or anyone in your family is interested in helping with it this summer.  Everyone is also encouraged to keep their shoreline as natural as possible as tall grasses help to deter the geese and thanks to Dave Hudspeth who has reactivated the flashing orange night lights in the middle of the lake which seem to be helpful at discouraging geese at night.

Fishing Season Opens June 23rd

A reminder that fishing season opens this year on Saturday, June 23rd.  We ask that everyone follow the provincial laws and hold off on any fishing until then as we need to ensure that the Bass are done spawning and nesting prior to any fishing.  Please also remember that all fishing once fishing season opens is catch-and-release only using barbless hooks and no live bait for the health of our fish and ecosystem.

Sunfish Lake Association Annual General Meeting – Wed, July 11th at 7pm

It’s time again for our Annual General Meeting.  With several families away extensively in June we are shifting the meeting a couple of weeks until July this year.  Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 11th at 7:00pm.  The location is to be determined and if there is anyone willing hold the meeting at their cottage please let either Sue Hart or myself (Kevin Thomason) know.  We will do all the set-up, clean-up, provide refreshments, etc.  All you need to do is to provide the venue for the meeting.

As usual there will be a social time and chance to visit after the meeting with refreshments.  We also ask people to bring their annual dues ($300 + $450 = $750).  Please let us know anything that you would like to have on the agenda and we will circulate more information closer to the meeting.

Algae 101 Education and Fun Event

Sunday July 23rd


Jill Crumb from Treefrog Environmental is going to be hosting an Algae 101 education session on Kevin’s dock/lawn.  It should be an interesting, informative, and at times hands-on session to learn more about our lake and algae first-hand.

There is a youth component so please bring any kids you think might be interested and please come yourself to learn from Jill’s amazing expertise of water, limnology, algae, and all things aquatic.

Lemonade and cookies will be provided.