Traditions to Help Preserve Sunfish Lake


Revised by the Executive in March 2017


The following list outlines the principles to be adhered to for the protection and enjoyment of the Sunfish Holdings land:

  • Create a buffer zone against development
  • Protect the Sunfish Lake watershed
  • Maintain forests in such a manner as to prevent potential threats to the health and safety of users
  • Ensure all management activities conform to those outlined under the Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program
  • Provide opportunities to interact with nature which do not:
    • cause conflict with other property owners,
    • damage native vegetation and wildlife habitat,
    • impair the productivity of the forest, or
    • degrade soil or water.

Information on Cyanobacteria & Algae

Below are links to some easy to read information on cyanobacteria and algae gathered in recent years.

Best Practices – Shorelines, Septic Systems, etc.

Here are some best practices for septic systems and shorelines , for your use.