Guidelines to Preserve Sunfish Lake (1970s)


From Jack Hutchinsons files

In keeping with the resolution posted at the 1970 annual meeting, these guide lines were put together to assist all concerned to do their part to preserve Sunfish Lake.

There are two major factors involved:

(a) Preserving the environment

(b) Preserving the real estate.

The foundation of the guide lines in the golden rule. The articulation of the few rules and regulations which follows is not in any sense to be exhaustive but merely a listing of a few of the ones which have become or may become a problem.

As a few of these guide lines have been recognized rules and regulations over a number of years, we will refer to them as rules and regulations.

  1. No motor propelled boats will be allowed on the Lake at any time in the interest of pollution control, safety and peace of mind.
  2. No noisy power equipment should be used around or near the Lake over the supper hour (5:30 to 7:30pm) on any evening, after dusk or any evening or on Sunday morning.
  3. No substance shall be placed in or near the lake which would tend to pollute the lake and without limiting the generality of this statement, no one shall use phosphate rich soaps, any bio-non degradable liquids or shampoos in or near the lake.
  4. It is the responsibility of each owner and occupant to make sure no sewage or garbage can escape into the Lake from their property.
  5. No fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides or sprays shall be used in such a way as to escape into the lake, and the use of such materials is to be generally discouraged.
  6. The cutting down of trees on our property is to be discourage, if it will have the effect of destroying the natural beauty of the property or of destroying the wind barrier essential to the preservation of the lake.
  7. Each person is responsible for the policing of his own property to see that uninvited guests do not trespass upon the lake. It is suggested that permission to use the lake given to non-owners be cleared through the Association executive except, of course, guests and family members of owners.
  8. Excess or unused minnows must not be dumped into the lake in accordance with the Department of Lands and Forests regulations.
  9. Hunting with firearms is to be discouraged on the part of everyone near the lake, in the interests of safety and noise prevention.