Report from Jill Crumb
(Tree Frog Environmental)

  • regular monitoring to ensure that the lake is safe for swimming and recreation using scientific probes to identify key indicators such as pH, dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids, water conductivity, temperature, Phycocyanin and Chlorophyll levels
  • only Jill and Nancy actively testing in separate kayaks to ensure social distancing
  • algae/Cyanobacteria monitoring conducted once a month in cooler months, bi-monthly in warmer months when toxic blooms are more likely

Results to Date: Numbers have been good throughout May and June. The first ‘blue mat’ was discovered July 10th – sample found to containMicrocystis and Planktothrix in lab analysis (small area along the shore at 2nd Henderson property, likely wind driven to this location and a result of the heat wave) – but numbers at all other sites were good at this time.

*A proposal to conduct e-coli testing has been put together for consideration as it has been several years since we have had reliable e-coli information

**A new Abraxis test kit will be needed at some point (allows for local analysis of water sample suspected of containing Cyanobacteria – determines level of toxicity)