EcoAction Funding Proposal

Realizing that we need to be doing more than just monitoring and additional research, the Sunfish Lake Association has applied for a $47,400 grant from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to help with the testing and implementation of possible remediation solutions to deal with the increasing levels of nutrients (mainly phosphorus) in our lake that is causing the cyanobacteria and algae outbreaks.  We have proposed a three year program including:

– Year One – monitoring, research, implementation of bales of natural barley straw in rafts and nets around the lake (a traditional control for cyanobacteria), further septic testing and initial deployment of 2 or 3 septic phosphorous filters,

– Year Two – monitoring, research, additional barley rafts/nets, construction of bioswales to improve tributary stream water quality, construction of a man-made wetland to improve stream water quality, further installation of septic phosphorous filters,

– Year Three – monitoring, research, additional barely rafts/nets, additional man-made wetlands or bioswales to improve stream water quality, further installation of septic phosphorus filters.

The total value of the proposal is almost $250,000 counting all of our volunteer time, contributions, the almost $50,000 grant we are seeking, and the cost of privately funded improvements such as the septic upgrades.  Our proposal was almost 50 pages in length and took considerable time to prepare.  Thanks to Bob Hudgins and Sue Hart for all their help with this application.  We will learn in June if we have been successful.  If we are not successful with this community grant then we are going to have to find other ways to fund and accomplish this required work.