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Notes from Kevin – August 14, 2019

I hope that your summer is going well. You may have seen the numerous groups of researchers out a Sunfish Lake over the past few months. So far all of our water results have been good and at safe levels though still trending in the wrong direction (fewer good green algae and increasing bad blue-green […]

Sunfish Weather Station

One of the University of Waterloo Ph’d students who is doing her research here at Sunfish Lake and assisting with our learning about our lake ecosystems would like to place a small weather station on the lake to help better record the date she needs on water and air temperatures, effect of winds, etc.  Since […]

Fishing Season

A reminder that fishing season – in particular for bass doesn’t open until June 22nd.  Currently the bass are nesting around the lake and fishing can pull the parent fish off their nests allowing other fish to swoop in and eat all the eggs.  Normally by the end of June the eggs have hatched and […]